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30 Yelp review of L M Towing

This is a Yelp review of L M Towing 22400 The Old Road, Newhall, CA

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I am not impressed.   

When I retrieved my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee from their yard the morning of 2014.08.09 Saturday, I noticed that the brake indicator light was on and that the brake activation was rather soft.  I noticed that the braking was very slow to take effect.   

I took the Jeep to a repair shop and the guy there found that I had very low brake fluid level. He added fluid to the top and the brake indicator light went off.  The braking was still not right.  I went home.

When I left home to go to work, I saw that the brake indicator light was on again.  I checked the brake fluid level and it was way down.  There was fluid leaking down from the rear brake line(s).  I replenished the brake fluid reservoir and went to work.  I saw fluid on the ground every place that I parked.

I had to hose down the rear of the Jeep when I got home because brake fluid splattered over the back door from dripping into the air stream below the fuel tank.

I determined that the rear brake line(s) leak because somebody improperly secured the vehicle when he towed it. I could see fresh dents on the fuel tank cover adjacent to the brake lines.  

I personally think that the guy who secured the Jeep onto his truck deliberately secured as he did as payback because he had so much trouble moving the Jeep from a parking spot and onto the flatbed.  The Jeep was locked.  The key was nowhere for him to find.  I still have not worked out how he opened the Jeep without a key.  I think he had a universal remote that let him bypass the locking mechanism.  

The Jeep was locked because cops were arresting me because I would not cooperate with them.  I think the guy figured that I am a jerk, and that the cops will back him up if I criticise his work, so he just went ahead and damaged the brake line(s).

The Jeep goes in for repair and when I get the Jeep back I expect to present the repair bill to this service for reimbursement.   We will see how that works out.  I don't expect these folks to make this right.

update 2014.08.11 Monday
I got the Jeep back from the repair shop.  The work order notes that the brake line was busted and leaking fluid.  The repair tech replaced the brake line and bled the system.  Total bill was $127.50.  Next, I get to find out if the folks at LM will reimburse me.....

questions or concerns about this review?  find me at

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29 Hostile Encounter 2014.08.08

In other news

I am home from an arrest for committing an act of civil disobedience, refusing to comply with a cop.    

I refused to cooperate with a chiparoo who then arrested me for "suspicion of engaging in a speed contest" 2014.08.08 Friday afternoon. I am out and have a court date 2014.08.14 Thursday 0830 at the Newhall courthouse. We will see how that works out....[see update 2014.08.13 Wednesday below]

I drove past a couple of vehicles on Davenport road and saw an alleged cop car pull out behind me.  I found a place to wait whilst the alleged cop car passed me.  But the guy Todd Cookston -14277- pulled up beside me whilst I was stationary beside the road and wanted to talk to me.  Davenport usually has very little traffic on it, and was almost deserted at that time.  Given that cops kill folks every 7 to 8 hours, and that there would be no witnesses to any encounter, I was concerned about my safety, I had no desire to interact with him, and I rudely told him to go away. He red-lit me and I would not cooperate, choosing to exercise my ability to self-defend by leaving (see John Bad Elk v. United States, 177 U.S. 529 (1900) at for the self-defence ruling) Cookston followed me along Davenport Road to Sierra Highway.  I came to a full stop at Sierra Highway and signaled for a left turn.

I turned left and Cookston followed me. Other folks, including Maurer - 19317, Mitchell - 19131, and Cisek - no number- , joined Cookston in following me.   I slowed down  to 25 mph in the school zone near Sand Canyon and drove the speed limit to Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country and came to a full stop due to the red light.  I signaled for a left turn and turned left when the signal was green.  I drove into the parking area in front of a liquor store where he arrested me.  I exited the Jeep whist video-recording the encounter, using a pink Polaroid digital camera. Somebody attacked me from behind my right shoulder and knocked me down.   Other folks joined in the take-down.

I demanded that Cookston show me his ID.  He refused. 

I told Cookston that he has to write down his questions and comments because I don’t hear well.  He moved his mouth and I could not understand what he was saying.

I demanded a lawyer.  Never got one.

No Miranda, either.

Donald Wilson-200790 tried to engage me in conversation using smiles to try to win me over that he was sympathetic to my situation.  I refused to answer his questions.  I asked him if he was another Manny Ramos or Jay Cincinelli looking for a Kelly Thomas piƱata of his own.  He pretended to not know what I was talking about. During this conversation, I demanded a lawyer.

Whilst Cookston drove me to the Sheriff Station in Newhall, he used his cell phone in violation of the vehicle code.

The camera is broken.  There is a very brief video clip that depicts behaviour at the west-bound left lane at the Sierra Highway and Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country intersection.  

During the booking, Wilson counted out seven 100 dollar bills out of ten 100 dollar bills. I think Wilson stole the other three 100 dollar bills.

Lori is righteously pissed at me because I got into this situation. You have my permission to be pissed at me, too.

I could have 
  • taken out my camera and started video-recording as soon as Cookston tried to talk to me.  
  • rolled up the Jeep windows and refused to respond to him.  
  • demanded to see his cop ID as soon as he asked for my ID.  
  • put hazard lights on and  driven to the courthouse in Newhall and demanded that all cops interacting with me show cop ID.

Update 2014.08.13 Wednesday
Lori reviewed paperwork related to this encounter and saw a reference to a court appearance 0830 2014.08.11 Monday.  She got me at a client work site and we went right over to court.  

But the criminal court clerk could not find a case or warrant for Monday and sent us to the District Attorney clerks who could not find a case or warrant, either....Turns out that I have a 0830 2014.10.14 Tuesday court date, not 0830 2014.08.11 Monday, or 0830 2014.08.14 Thursday.  

I get that Cookston et al are playing paperwork games....

update 2015.04.06 
We attended a 1538.5 hearing 2015.04.06 Monday am and left with an apparent dismissal. 

The hearing was to address a motion to suppress the prosecutor's evidence because the cop acted unlawfully from the time he lit me up to the arrest and beyond. The judge, prosecutor, testilier, defence counsel, and I watched a video of the incident. The judge ruled that I was rude, that the fact that I was being rude did not authorise the cop to detain me, that the participating officers acted unlawfully, and that the evidence that they provided was therefore invalid. 

The prosecutor then moved to dismiss because he had no valid evidence to prove the charge. 

We got documentation that the judge dismissed the charge 2015.04.08 Wednesday pm.

Do you realise that I actually manipulated a-half-dozen guys into unlawfully following me for no reason? I got two judges, one commissioner, at least four DDAs, two PDs, three court reporters (one a CART), two court clerks, and sundry other folks in an arraignment, five pre-trial hearings, and a suppression motion hearing in two courtrooms..... 

all at government expense.... 

I did good! 

and this was for a rinky-dinky misdemeanor....
This means that the folks at L&M were assisting cops in an illegal and unlawful event.

This may mean that the L&M folks wrongfully impounded my vehicle.  See this

The guy at the repair shop covered the asses of the L&M folks by throwing the brake line away instead of saving it for me. So the only evidence that I have is the invoices for the repair and for brake fluid.

L&M could reimburse me $127.50 for the repair bill, and $20.00 for the brake fluid.

28 Six Boys Thirteen Hands Propaganda.3.18.2009

This refers to: 

This is a lovely well written bit of pro-State propaganda, by Michael Powell, at around 2000, or so.

I checked Snopes at

I found this story at Truth or Fiction:

Both accounts that I saw included the observation that the last few paragraphs of this piece were included after Powell wrote it. A photographer, Joe Rosenthal, reportedly photographed the second raising of a Flag on a mountain five days into a thirty-five day battle. This picture lead to the sculpting of the USMC War Memorial idolized in “Six Boys”. The “Flag” picture was actually a propaganda effort. See here: for information on the battle, here for the taking of the “Flag” picture and here for the making of the statue:

“Six Boys and Thirteen Hands”(Six Boys) is corrupt.

The underlying premise to this piece is that your life belongs to someone else, that you have an obligation to serve nonentities called by such names as “faith,” “family,” or “fatherland”. You don’t need someone to fight on your behalf at everyone’s expense. You can defend yourself. You can delegate your defense at your expense to a willing agent. You have the right to decide whether to use lethal or non-lethal reaction to aggressive action directed against you. You do not have the right to inflict collateral damage, that is, casualties on noncombatants. You owe nothing to a metaphysical nonentity. Nor do you owe a duty to someone or something, just because you are alive.

What is freedom for which so many “lay down their lives?” Here is a definition of freedom: · "Freedom in its most elemental state is the power to withdraw one's consent when the State-or anyone else-lays an improper claim to one's life or property." -Will Grigg Reflections on Resurrection Sunday: We're Commanded to be Free ProLiberate 3.23.2008

In a Utopian world, our agendas would all be compatible. In the real world, we often have partially-or even totally- incompatible agendas. Some of us try to resolve differences through negotiation. Some of us use force, -or threaten to use force –to authorize us to seize what we want. Some of us support one or the other.

The core of this paean to sacrifice is that some 7,000 men died to secure an island of negligible value in the name of securing the freedoms of “the People,” residents of a nation-state. And this inconsequential event was promoted as a monumental battle for the greater good of the citizens of a nation-state. Many folks saw the flag raising as the climax of the Iwo Jima battle, when in fact, it was just a stunt to elevate the morale of government employees and their family members and friends.

The most pernicious part of “Six Boys” is that there is really no point to Bradley’s remarks. It’s just a collection of words meant to make readers experience emotive reactions in support for government employees.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

27 Gunmen.2013.02.20

I was inside my work vehicle at 1600 on Wednesday 2013.02.20 in front of a corner-located client house right after I got done there taking care of two horses documenting my work when I realised that I was in danger of being shot as a collateral target.  These gunmen aimed their guns in my direction toward their targeted folks between the gunmen and me. 
 There were two horses in paddocks and two dogs in a fenced area adjacent to the client house on the property side of the client fence on the west-bound side of the road. There were at least two dogs behind the resident fence on the east-bound side of the road. There were least two dogs behind the resident fence on the property west of the client property. I was parked parallel to the client fence facing west.  I don’t know how many folks were in the houses across the street and west of the client house.
 I grabbed my camera and photographed these gunmen. I did not hide the fact that I was photographing these gunmen. Lori and I bought that pink Polaroid digital camera several years ago. It’s easy to see that it is a camera and not a gun...for now, anyway. The time-stamps are off by about an hour, set to PDT. The camera doesn't do long distance close-ups. I could have photographed the gunmen when I drove by them after they stood down.
 They ordered un-armed targets to exit the vehicle in which they were riding and assume the coup de gras position.

There were over a half-dozen tax-financed vehicles parked behind the targets' vehicle. West-bound drivers diverted to the south. East-bound drivers drove right through the fire-zone.  No way I was gonna start my vehicle up and drive away as long as these gunmen were pointing guns in my direction. 
 Once I saw that the gunmen were distracted from shooting at me, I left.  When I left, I just wanted to get to my next stop to care for more critters. I was not ready to engage these gunmen. If that makes me a coward, so be it.

I told my brother Rob when he was a kid to never point a gun at somebody unless you intend to kill 'em. Those gunmen intended to kill me. I was very lucky this time.

These pics are from the area where gunmen stood pointing their guns at collateral targets, including the Jeep. As you can see, lots of places for bullets to go...

For whatever reason, these gunmen refrained from executing their primary targets. 

For whatever reason, these gunmen refrained from executing collateral targets. 

That day was a good day to be a target, given that so many targets die. No targets died there, then.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

26 You Own You: The Prime Axiom

You own you: the prime axiom.
  • You (subject and object) means the reader.
  • Own (verb) means have the authority to use.
  • The (definite article) means specifically, or none other.
  • Prime (adjective) means the most important and/or the first in a series.
  • Axiom (noun) means a self evident statement that leads to other truths.

This essay is directed to you to make it personal. I want you to grasp that self-sovereignty applies to you. I want you to understand that your life is all about you, indeed. So, I direct these words to you.

This axiom applies to every human.  No other human has authority to violate your authority to act or not, and you have no authority to violate their authority to act or not.
The most important concept in liberty is that you are self-owned. You have self-generated authority to act, or not. You are responsible for your actions and for their consequences. You are the central actor in your life. 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

25 The Bride's Best Friend Forever

"Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years." - Anton LaVey

Whilst Satan is the father of lies, his Father is the grandfather of lies. For example, when the Father said, "In that day you will die", he neglected to point out that a thousand years is as a day to him, and he did not specify just what he meant when he said "die". He did not lie by commission, neither did he tell the whole truth.

Satan's function is to divert folks from healthy relationships into sick relationships. For example, when his Father said "in that day you will die", Satan pointed out that life would continue, that his children would be like their Father.

As it turns out, life did continue. Adam lived to be about 960 years, which was well within the day, and then he died. And his relationship didn't do so well, either. There is no indication that Adam enjoyed any fellowship with his Father thereafter.

The Church is the Bride of Christ aka Jesus.

Jesus saves, and His Bride consumes. She does not produce. She consumes lives, property, and souls. She is like Gomer, the harlot redeemed by prophet Hosea.

The Church is made up of folks who allow themselves to behave inappropriately, even though Her Husband redeemed them. And Jesus's Brother, Satan assists in the corruption of souls by leading folks to think that their inappropriate behaviour is somehow pleasing to their Saviour.

I think that whoever observed that Satan is the Church's best friend was spot-on.

btw- the Bible is Divinely inspired, and corrupted by its scribes. The Bible is a collection of writings that some folks decided amongst themselves were more holy than other writings.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

24 Regrets


Some folks regret that they lived the lives that others expected of them, rather than living true to them selves. They regret that they worked as much as they did. They regret that they lacked courage to express their feelings. They regret that they were not close to their familial friends. They regret that they had not permitted themselves to be happier than they allowed themselves to feel.

I live my life without regard for other folks expectations. No regret there.
I love working. I have fun by working. No regret there.
I express feelings frequently. No regret there.
I have no real friends, just folks who self-identify as my friends. Being that I am a benign sociopath, I am not close to most. No regret there.
I am a happy camper being me. No regret there.

I regret that I looked at Cynthia Macklin in 1971, didn't start to see her until 1986, and didn't see her clearly until 2004. Cynthia treated me as though she respected and liked me. When I talked to her, she looked at me until we were done talking. Most girls looked away from me when I was around. I asked for her help in a project; Cynthia assented and collaborated with me. But I was so blind that I forgot her for fifteen years. I took another eighteen years to remember her name. I wish I'd seen Cynthia when I looked at her.

I regret that I allowed bullies to knock me around when I was younger. I bought into the non-violence meme, that real men are strong enough to refrain from violent actions against folks who assault them. I wish that I had beaten the bejesus out of a couple of bullies when I was in high school and hammered Norbert the prankster who wasted my time. I wish that I had painted the walkway in Manhattan Beach with the blood of the four guys who shoved me around one evening in 1973. I wish that I had crippled the two 'bros' -Jose Mata and Rich Gammel- who held me down -in the upstairs bathroom of the house in which I was rooming- to shave half of my face that year. I wish that I had violently responded to bullies' assaults against me.

I regret that I allowed Pete Miranda to search and arrest me. I wish I had shot him dead when I had the chance.

I regret that I failed to break Trinidad Octavio's neck when he smashed head-on into my pick-up truck early one August morning in 1987. I lost a truck because of his poor driving skills and my license because I didn't have auto insurance then. I wish that I had reached into the car that he crashed and snapped his neck there.

I regret that I am a fool. I stay on the side, watching the world pass me by. I wish I were wise.

h/t   'Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed'