Saturday, September 26, 2009

Come Clean, Obama 26 Sep 2009

What was U S President Barack Obama thinking when he demanded that “Iran…come clean and make a choice…?”   He actually had the nerve to threaten people who live outside of his jurisdiction with death if their government employees did not cooperate with him. 

The U S government is the only agency whose employees exercised a nuclear bomb option during the prosecution of war.  No other agency employees have ever used nuclear bombs in war: not the Russians, not the Chinese, not the British, not the French, or the Indians, or the Pakistanis, or the North Koreans, or even the Israelis.  As it turns out, U S government employees deployed two bombs over civilian houses for false reasons. 

I’d like to see President Obama come clean about the real reason he is complaining about Iran government employee behaviour.  For whom is he really working, and toward what end?

The folks who live in Iran have better things to do with their lives than to obey the edicts of a foreign politician.

I would like to see Iranian government representatives respond by suggesting that U S government employees come clean about their roles in the regime change of 1953 in Iran.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vaccine Induced Crash 10.09.2009

I spotted these two quotes at Stephen Lendman's Monday, 7 September 2009 Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinel article, "Martial Law Alert over Swine Flu" at
  1. "In early July, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that children, pregnant women, health care workers, and adults with chronic illnesses will be first to be vaccinated. Reports indicate that inoculations will begin in early October, preceded by media-hyped fear urging everyone to get one."
  2. "• vaccines don’t protect against diseases they’re designed to prevent and often cause them;
    • all vaccines contain harmful toxins, including mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), and squalene adjuvants that weaken and can destroy the human immune system, making it vulnerable to many annoying to life-threatening illnesses; and
    • evidence suggests that the H1N1 strain was bioengineered in a US laboratory, and the vaccines being produced for it are extremely hazardous and potentially lethal."

If vaccines sicken and/or kill children, pregnant women, health care workers, and adults with chronic illnesses, who will be left alive? "healthy adults?"

Let's see...
wipe out the current bunch of school-aged kids...

  1. The economic sectors devoted to providing goods and services to kids will go away; think fast food, toys, apparel, entertainment, indoctrination, pediatrics, charities devoted to finding cures for children's disorders, baby sitting, etc.
  2. Their parents and other survivors experience extreme distress; think loss of interest in living, or working, possible increase in self-medication through alcohol or other antidepressants, hostility toward parents whose kids did not die, increased dissolution of familial relationships, major survivor guilt, etc

wipe out the currently pregnant women and their foetuses

  1. Here again, economic sectors devoting to providing goods and services to them go away; apparel, obstetrics and gynaecology, entertainment, child-birth classes, exotic food, furniture, etc.
  2. Familial survivors experience extreme distress; think 2 above squared

wipe out the health care workers...

  1. When you're sick or injured what are you gonna get? a bullet? a whiff of gas?
  2. Economic sectors crash; think apparel, tools, furniture, publications, training courses, etc.

wipe out the chronically sick adults...

  1. Economic sectors crash; think furniture, drugs, appliances, greeting card companies, medical and convalescent care, etc.
  2. Survivors experience more grief.

Infants and healthy adults will have to pick up the slack.

I could be wrong. Maybe vaccines don't kill. Maybe they are good for people. Maybe vaccines prevent illnesses without making their recipients sick. Maybe I am wrong, or overreacting...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reading Signs CJ 11.25.2006

Reading Signs CJ 11.25.2006

To the Editor and to the Readers of the Country Journal:

This is the second missive in a series about the recent election. I discussed “Your most valuable asset” in the first missive, published on November 18, 2006 in this publication. In this one, I will discuss the statement: “Two of the candidates seem to be making an issue, with their expensive slick signs, about the fact that two of their opponents chose to resign from the Council following a legal action taken against the Town Council”.

I have seen the signs. They had pictures of the candidates, their names, and three comments:

1) “We live here”;

2) “We work here”;

3) “& We won’t quit!”.

There was no reference to any other person(s).

A number of Town Council Members have resigned, for a variety of reasons. These two candidates might have been promising, if elected, to serve to the end of their terms. That promise is reasonable.

Since there was no reference to anyone else, there is no basis for guessing that these folk were making an issue of specific actions by anybody.

I will address the matter of ADTC Member liability for legal fees in another missive.

Doc Ellis, Agua Dulce

Your most valuable Asset 11.11.2009

Your most valuable Asset 11.11.2009

To the Editor and to the readers of the Country Journal:

A letter containing several statements was published in the November 4, 2006 edition of this publication. Included were:

1) “…property values (the largest asset most people have)”;

2) “Two of the candidates seem to be making an issue, with their expensive slick signs, about the fact that two of their opponents chose to resign from the Council following a legal action taken against the Town Council.”;

3) “If the Town Council was to be sued again, how much of your personal assets are you willing to commit to defending the Council…”.

I will discuss each of these statements in successive missives, commencing with item 1 in this one.

Property values are not an asset. Property is an asset. An asset can be transferred. It can be used. It can serve as collateral. The right to use something is an asset.

The value of an asset is an opinion. An opinion is subjective, based on facts, or on wishes, on reality or on fantasy. A value is an opinion about the worth of an asset. That asset can be real estate.

The most important asset that you, the reader, have: are you. You own you. Your mind belongs to you and not to anyone else. Without your mind, you cannot earn the resources to acquire assets such as real estate, ideas, tools, or toys. Without your mind, you cannot enjoy life, you cannot appreciate red-tail hawks against blue skies, you cannot respect or despise other people, and you really cannot live.

One more time: You are your most valuable asset.

I will address items 2 and 3 in other missives.

Doc Ellis, Agua Dulce