Saturday, May 26, 2012

26 You Own You: The Prime Axiom

You own you: the prime axiom.
  • You (subject and object) means the reader.
  • Own (verb) means have the authority to use.
  • The (definite article) means specifically, or none other.
  • Prime (adjective) means the most important and/or the first in a series.
  • Axiom (noun) means a self evident statement that leads to other truths.

This essay is directed to you to make it personal. I want you to grasp that self-sovereignty applies to you. I want you to understand that your life is all about you, indeed. So, I direct these words to you.

This axiom applies to every human.  No other human has authority to violate your authority to act or not, and you have no authority to violate their authority to act or not.
The most important concept in liberty is that you are self-owned. You have self-generated authority to act, or not. You are responsible for your actions and for their consequences. You are the central actor in your life.