Sunday, February 24, 2013

27 Gunmen.2013.02.20

I was inside my work vehicle at 1600 on Wednesday 2013.02.20 in front of a corner-located client house right after I got done there taking care of two horses documenting my work when I realised that I was in danger of being shot as a collateral target.  These gunmen aimed their guns in my direction toward their targeted folks between the gunmen and me. 
 There were two horses in paddocks and two dogs in a fenced area adjacent to the client house on the property side of the client fence on the west-bound side of the road. There were at least two dogs behind the resident fence on the east-bound side of the road. There were least two dogs behind the resident fence on the property west of the client property. I was parked parallel to the client fence facing west.  I don’t know how many folks were in the houses across the street and west of the client house.
 I grabbed my camera and photographed these gunmen. I did not hide the fact that I was photographing these gunmen. Lori and I bought that pink Polaroid digital camera several years ago. It’s easy to see that it is a camera and not a gun...for now, anyway. The time-stamps are off by about an hour, set to PDT. The camera doesn't do long distance close-ups. I could have photographed the gunmen when I drove by them after they stood down.
 They ordered un-armed targets to exit the vehicle in which they were riding and assume the coup de gras position.

There were over a half-dozen tax-financed vehicles parked behind the targets' vehicle. West-bound drivers diverted to the south. East-bound drivers drove right through the fire-zone.  No way I was gonna start my vehicle up and drive away as long as these gunmen were pointing guns in my direction. 
 Once I saw that the gunmen were distracted from shooting at me, I left.  When I left, I just wanted to get to my next stop to care for more critters. I was not ready to engage these gunmen. If that makes me a coward, so be it.

I told my brother Rob when he was a kid to never point a gun at somebody unless you intend to kill 'em. Those gunmen intended to kill me. I was very lucky this time.

These pics are from the area where gunmen stood pointing their guns at collateral targets, including the Jeep. As you can see, lots of places for bullets to go...

For whatever reason, these gunmen refrained from executing their primary targets. 

For whatever reason, these gunmen refrained from executing collateral targets. 

That day was a good day to be a target, given that so many targets die. No targets died there, then.