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29 Hostile Encounter 2014.08.08

In other news

I am home from an arrest for committing an act of civil disobedience, refusing to comply with a cop.    

I refused to cooperate with a chiparoo who then arrested me for "suspicion of engaging in a speed contest" 2014.08.08 Friday afternoon. I am out and have a court date 2014.08.14 Thursday 0830 at the Newhall courthouse. We will see how that works out....[see update 2014.08.13 Wednesday below]

I drove past a couple of vehicles on Davenport road and saw an alleged cop car pull out behind me.  I found a place to wait whilst the alleged cop car passed me.  But the guy Todd Cookston -14277- pulled up beside me whilst I was stationary beside the road and wanted to talk to me.  Davenport usually has very little traffic on it, and was almost deserted at that time.  Given that cops kill folks every 7 to 8 hours, and that there would be no witnesses to any encounter, I was concerned about my safety, I had no desire to interact with him, and I rudely told him to go away. He red-lit me and I would not cooperate, choosing to exercise my ability to self-defend by leaving (see John Bad Elk v. United States, 177 U.S. 529 (1900) at for the self-defence ruling) Cookston followed me along Davenport Road to Sierra Highway.  I came to a full stop at Sierra Highway and signaled for a left turn.

I turned left and Cookston followed me. Other folks, including Maurer - 19317, Mitchell - 19131, and Cisek - no number- , joined Cookston in following me.   I slowed down  to 25 mph in the school zone near Sand Canyon and drove the speed limit to Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country and came to a full stop due to the red light.  I signaled for a left turn and turned left when the signal was green.  I drove into the parking area in front of a liquor store where he arrested me.  I exited the Jeep whist video-recording the encounter, using a pink Polaroid digital camera. Somebody attacked me from behind my right shoulder and knocked me down.   Other folks joined in the take-down.

I demanded that Cookston show me his ID.  He refused. 

I told Cookston that he has to write down his questions and comments because I don’t hear well.  He moved his mouth and I could not understand what he was saying.

I demanded a lawyer.  Never got one.

No Miranda, either.

Donald Wilson-200790 tried to engage me in conversation using smiles to try to win me over that he was sympathetic to my situation.  I refused to answer his questions.  I asked him if he was another Manny Ramos or Jay Cincinelli looking for a Kelly Thomas piñata of his own.  He pretended to not know what I was talking about. During this conversation, I demanded a lawyer.

Whilst Cookston drove me to the Sheriff Station in Newhall, he used his cell phone in violation of the vehicle code.

The camera is broken.  There is a very brief video clip that depicts behaviour at the west-bound left lane at the Sierra Highway and Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country intersection.  

During the booking, Wilson counted out seven 100 dollar bills out of ten 100 dollar bills. I think Wilson stole the other three 100 dollar bills.

Lori is righteously pissed at me because I got into this situation. You have my permission to be pissed at me, too.

I could have 
  • taken out my camera and started video-recording as soon as Cookston tried to talk to me.  
  • rolled up the Jeep windows and refused to respond to him.  
  • demanded to see his cop ID as soon as he asked for my ID.  
  • put hazard lights on and  driven to the courthouse in Newhall and demanded that all cops interacting with me show cop ID.

Update 2014.08.13 Wednesday
Lori reviewed paperwork related to this encounter and saw a reference to a court appearance 0830 2014.08.11 Monday.  She got me at a client work site and we went right over to court.  

But the criminal court clerk could not find a case or warrant for Monday and sent us to the District Attorney clerks who could not find a case or warrant, either....Turns out that I have a 0830 2014.10.14 Tuesday court date, not 0830 2014.08.11 Monday, or 0830 2014.08.14 Thursday.  

I get that Cookston et al are playing paperwork games....

update 2015.04.06 
We attended a 1538.5 hearing 2015.04.06 Monday am and left with an apparent dismissal. 

The hearing was to address a motion to suppress the prosecutor's evidence because the cop acted unlawfully from the time he lit me up to the arrest and beyond. The judge, prosecutor, testilier, defence counsel, and I watched a video of the incident. The judge ruled that I was rude, that the fact that I was being rude did not authorise the cop to detain me, that the participating officers acted unlawfully, and that the evidence that they provided was therefore invalid. 

The prosecutor then moved to dismiss because he had no valid evidence to prove the charge. 

We got documentation that the judge dismissed the charge 2015.04.08 Wednesday pm.

Do you realise that I actually manipulated a-half-dozen guys into unlawfully following me for no reason? I got two judges, one commissioner, at least four DDAs, two PDs, three court reporters (one a CART), two court clerks, and sundry other folks in an arraignment, five pre-trial hearings, and a suppression motion hearing in two courtrooms..... 

all at government expense.... 

I did good! 

and this was for a rinky-dinky misdemeanor....
This means that the folks at L&M were assisting cops in an illegal and unlawful event.

This may mean that the L&M folks wrongfully impounded my vehicle.  See this

The guy at the repair shop covered the asses of the L&M folks by throwing the brake line away instead of saving it for me. So the only evidence that I have is the invoices for the repair and for brake fluid.

L&M could reimburse me $127.50 for the repair bill, and $20.00 for the brake fluid.

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