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30 Yelp review of L M Towing

This is a Yelp review of L M Towing 22400 The Old Road, Newhall, CA

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I am not impressed.   

When I retrieved my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee from their yard the morning of 2014.08.09 Saturday, I noticed that the brake indicator light was on and that the brake activation was rather soft.  I noticed that the braking was very slow to take effect.   

I took the Jeep to a repair shop and the guy there found that I had very low brake fluid level. He added fluid to the top and the brake indicator light went off.  The braking was still not right.  I went home.

When I left home to go to work, I saw that the brake indicator light was on again.  I checked the brake fluid level and it was way down.  There was fluid leaking down from the rear brake line(s).  I replenished the brake fluid reservoir and went to work.  I saw fluid on the ground every place that I parked.

I had to hose down the rear of the Jeep when I got home because brake fluid splattered over the back door from dripping into the air stream below the fuel tank.

I determined that the rear brake line(s) leak because somebody improperly secured the vehicle when he towed it. I could see fresh dents on the fuel tank cover adjacent to the brake lines.  

I personally think that the guy who secured the Jeep onto his truck deliberately secured as he did as payback because he had so much trouble moving the Jeep from a parking spot and onto the flatbed.  The Jeep was locked.  The key was nowhere for him to find.  I still have not worked out how he opened the Jeep without a key.  I think he had a universal remote that let him bypass the locking mechanism.  

The Jeep was locked because cops were arresting me because I would not cooperate with them.  I think the guy figured that I am a jerk, and that the cops will back him up if I criticise his work, so he just went ahead and damaged the brake line(s).

The Jeep goes in for repair and when I get the Jeep back I expect to present the repair bill to this service for reimbursement.   We will see how that works out.  I don't expect these folks to make this right.

update 2014.08.11 Monday
I got the Jeep back from the repair shop.  The work order notes that the brake line was busted and leaking fluid.  The repair tech replaced the brake line and bled the system.  Total bill was $127.50.  Next, I get to find out if the folks at LM will reimburse me.....

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